Become A Parent With Affordable Cost of IVF in Siliguri

IVF is a treatment procedure that has brought smiles and delight to numerous people from around the globe. It has made many people's long-awaited dream of parenthood a reality. With improvements in medical science, a complicated treatment like IVF has also become relatively affordable so that it does not remain exclusive to a certain section of our society.

A treatment that can bring smiles and peace back to a family should be something that most families can afford. Thus, under the supervision of Dr. Prasenjit Kumar Roy and his team of professionals, his clinic offers the most affordable cost of IVF in Siliguri so that it can reach and fulfil the dreams of the maximum number of people.

The procedure of IVF is a blessing for many couples who could not experience parenthood even after trying for years. Issues can be related to various aspects, for both the mother and the father. Issues like damaged fallopian tubes, male infertility, lesser sperm count, endometriosis, genetic disorder etc. An experienced doctor can diagnose and proceed with the treatment accordingly.

There is a common myth among people that the cost of IVF treatment is massive and the procedure is beyond the reach of common people. But, we can assure you that it is not true and behind all the costs we will provide suitable explanations and reasoning as well to solve your doubts regarding the expenditures.

The primary source of expense can be classified into two parts -

We can discuss some of the aspects under the Laboratory Expenditures like -

The clinic has to import some of the pieces of machinery for your service. They cost more as they do not get manufactured in India. The combined fee of all the expenditures related to the laboratory and doctor fees are about 59,000/-.

Another aspect is the medical expenditures. Patients need various medications and injections for a fulfilling treatment procedure. Various injections are there in the market. The price varies depending upon the quality and requirement of the patient. Some of the notable injections along with their prices are mentioned below -

So, by combining the total fees of laboratory and medicine, it comes down to around 1,20,000/- to 1,30,000/-. The procedure can cost extra if you require additional treatments like blastocyst transfer or embryo freezing.

The willing couple should look for the detailed expenditure and treatment list and see where they are receiving the most affection and detailed treatment procedures. The would-be parents need proper counselling and diagnosis to proceed with the treatment wholeheartedly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a common myth among the general audience that the treatment of IVF costs a premium. But in reality, it is well within the range of maximum patients.

We try to keep the cost at the bare minimum so that the maximum number of patients can experience IVF. But as we have to import some of the medications from abroad, some of the injections cost a bit more than others.

Yes, you can perform without any issues.

Infertility gets treated with various therapy sessions as well as in some cases with the help of surgical procedures.

Generally, the process of embryo transfer is not painful. The woman only feels the sensation of the speculum.