Does IVF Treatment Costly In India?

Does IVF Treatment Costly In India?


Nowadays infertility is a common depression in couples. Almost a half million couples have faced the worry name infertility. IVF is the solution for them. As the in vitro fertilization process needs several steps it gets costly to you.

To know the exact cost of IVF treatment, contact the best IVF center in Siliguri, and then plan for it that suits your budget. Generally, the cost of the IVF depends on a few factors such as the IVF cycle, success rates, the location of the clinic, and other medical procedures.

Elements of IVF Cost

The cost of IVF treatments depends on the following elements, such as:

While you visit a clinic or doctor’s chamber for consultation your healthcare provider asks you some general questions of the couple’s health and medical history. In return, the doctor or clinic asks you for consultation charges. The consultation charges depend on the experience and reputation of the clinic.

The cost of medication in India depends on a few protocols and how much dosage your doctor prescribes. Generally, in IVF treatment medication is required for ovarian stimulation, egg maturation, luteal support, and hormonal balance purposes.

After visiting your doctor will ask you for some tests to identify the fertility status which includes blood tests, semen analysis, ultrasound, and some other tests.

Using a trans-vaginal ultrasound-guided needle eggs are retrieved from a woman’s ovary. For the egg retrieval process, you need to bear anesthesia costs, Operation theatre costs, and surgeon’s fees.

Before starting IVF treatment sperm preparation and freezing are required for some people. In such cases, the cost decides on the process of sperm preparation.

While the eggs and sperm are fertilized, the embryo is then prepared. Your doctor keeps the embryo in a lab for around seven days for culture. You should bear lab costs, embryo culture and processing charges, and embryologist’s fees.

When the embryo is prepared it is then transferred to the woman’s uterus. Embryo transfer charge means anesthesia charge, operation therapist’s charge, and doctor’s fees.

If some healthy embryos are left they are preserved in a way which is called cryopreservation system. In this process, the cost includes cryopreservation way and storage.

After the embryo is successfully transferred to the woman’s uterus a few weeks later your doctor asks for a pregnancy test. Pregnancy test costs are included in the IVF treatment cost.

Effective Cost Factors

Some of the factors influence the IVF cost in India, such as:

  • Which IVF treatment procedure is used
  • Age of the woman
  • Medical history of the couple
  • The reputation and the area of the hospital
  • Experience and educational qualification of the doctor
  • Medicine costs
  • Frozen embryo transfer fees (if required)
  • Testicular sperm aspiration charge (if required)
  • Number of IVF cycle

Some clinics offer zero-cost EMI for IVF treatment. Find out your best IVF center in Siliguri that is filled with various facilities. To know the details of IVF treatment and its success results consult your doctor today. In India health insurance doesn’t cover IVF costs. However, you can avail a personal loan or medical loan for IVF treatment (if required).

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