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Couples who require treatment to experience the feeling of parenthood should look for IVF treatment in their region. The term In-Vitro stands for ‘within the glass’. Thus, it is advisable for couples who face difficulties in conceiving naturally to look for IVF treatment to fulfil their dream of having a child after several failed attempts for months or sometimes years.

The fertilization takes place in the laboratory. If natural intercourse does not result in pregnancy, doctors advise undergoing IVF treatment. Here, the sperm and egg sample gets fertilized in a laboratory and then the embryo gets transferred to the woman’s uterus to proceed with the treatment. In short, this is how the treatment of test tube baby in Siliguri takes place.

Dr. Prasenjit Kumar Roy is someone who continues to serve the willing people to witness the ethereal feeling of parenthood for years. Not only with In-Vitro Fertilization but the medical team of Dr Roy implements other processes like

Even with the progress of medical science, the process of IVF is not yet a fool-proof procedure. The success rates are rising rapidly and more and more willing couples are coming forwards to undergo the treatment of IVF under experienced medical professionals.

Consult The Best Test Tube Baby Doctor For The Best Results

To achieve the best results through a process like IVF, you need advice and treatment from the finest from the region. Dr Prasenjit Kr Roy is an experienced individual to deal with cases related to infertility and pregnancy issues. People from North Bengal and their surroundings visit him for fulfilling their desire for parenthood.

The process of IVF can be tricky and complicated at the same time. Although, with expert guidance and regular consultation with a doctor you can achieve desired results for yourself. One cannot worry too much about the future and stay calm and composed related to the treatment procedure. The outcome will be fruitful only if you remain faithful to the treatment and trust the process wholeheartedly.

Test Tube Baby Siliguri Dr. Prasenjit Roy

The clinic of Dr Prasenjit Roy houses state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the best-in-class treatment for our patients to avail. We care for our patients' convenience and thus, we put our best foot forwards to provide maximum satisfaction. With perseverance and advanced mechanisms, we together can achieve the unthinkable.

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Test Tube Baby Siliguri

Frequently Asked Questions

In a regular procedure, the embryo gets formed in the fallopian tube of the mother. Whereas, during IVF treatment, the embryo is formed in a laboratory in a test tube.

The success rates have rapidly increased and continue to do so. Factors like age, genetic disorders, male infertility etc. play a role in getting ideal results.

Consuming too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes or taking drugs, radiation therapy, and excessive high-dosage medications can lead you to infertility.

No, the patient remains under sedation and does not realize or feel any pain or discomfort during the retrieval.

Damaged fallopian tubes, Unhealthy lifestyle, Overage, Endometriosis etc.