Who Needs A Surrogate Mother

Medical Reasons forSurrogacy

One of the most common reasons a couple might choose to consider surrogacy is medically related. Some women have reproductive illnesses that prevent them from becoming pregnant, while others can become pregnant but can't carry full term. Women who have had illnesses that required a hysterectomy may look towards surrogacy as well.

Alternately, some couples look toward surrogacy not necessarily for reproductive reasons but to protect the health of the intended mother. Some women take medications that are life sustaining but that may harm a fetus. Stopping a medication for a pregnancy is not always a healthy or safe option.

Age Related Considerations

According to, your chance of becoming pregnant declines with age. A 30-year old woman in good health has a 20% chance of becoming pregnant each month. A 40-year old woman has a 5% chance. A later-in-life decision to start a family may not be impossible, but it may not be healthy for a woman to carry a fetus full-term.

Same-Sex Couples

Couples in same-sex relationships can't start families without some sort of help. Women may look towards sperm donation so that one mother can carry the baby full-term, but two men will always need the help of either the surrogate or adoption process.