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Infertility is just a medical condition. Like other ailments, infertility is a result of some lifestyle, genetic or chronic factors. The inability to conceive after practicing unprotected intercourse until a given period of time (1 year for age group 25-32; 6 months for 32 and above) is infertility. However, the good news is now almost 80% of the couples are finding success and blessed with the joy of parenthood. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), the most accepted procedure by doctors has the highest success rate when it comes to treatment options. Are you facing problems in conceiving? Visit the best IVF centre in Siliguri and bring home happiness.

Why is IVF the best option?

One of the most effective Artificial Reproductive Treatment (ART) procedures, IVF is not only the most preferred options by experts but also witnesses the highest success rate statistically. The chances of not conceiving through IVF are approximately 2%. It involves the mixing of sperm (donor or father) and egg outside the uterus under most favourable circumstances in the lab. Here are a few reasons why should you go for IVF in the best IVF centre in Siliguri.

Best IVF Doctor Siliguri - Dr. Prasenjit Roy
  • • In women with higher grade problems like PCOS, endometriosis, uterine disorders, ovarian damages, IVF brings the latest technologies and techniques to incorporate a successful pregnancy.
  • • In cases of male factor infertility, IVF introduces the best solutions and also treats the sperm before actually mixing it.
  • • When the cause of infertility cannot be defined in some conditions (unexplained infertility), IVF works as the best option.
  • • IVF ensures the health of your baby by genetically testing and screening your eggs and sperm or by minimally invasive procedures like LASER assisted hatching.

Finding the best IVF doctor

Dr. Prasenjit Kumar Roy, MBBS, MS(O&G), Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility(Tel-Aviv University, Israel). He was the fertility consultant in Genome, Siliguri. Fully involved with infertility counselling of patient and IVF along with its latest inventions like egg donation, TESA, TESE, he is established as one of the best infertility specialists at the best IVF centre in Siliguri.

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