5 Signs You Should Visit IVF Centre

5 Signs You Should Visit IVF Centre


Planning to expand the family is one of the exciting times among any couple. But lack of successful pregnancy even after a year may lead to numerous doubts including fertility. There are various factors that can affect it; however consultation with Infertility specialist in Siliguri can help to find the root cause of it.

Due to recent advancements in the field of reproductive medicine individuals can opt for various treatments on fertility. But there are various points that are needed to be considered before visiting an IVF centre. This post will help to understand about the major signs and red flags that is an indication you should visit an IVF centre.

Following are 5 signs you should visit IVF Centre:

-Age More Than 35

Age is the most common factor that leads to a failed pregnancy among couples. The quality of the women eggs tend to decline with the increase in the age. While in case of men the quality of the sperm decrease after the age of 40. Therefore, couple with more than age of 35 in women and 40 in men should consult for IVF treatments.

-Unexplained Infertility

Even after consulting with doctors and conducting various tests if they are unable to find a specific cause for failed pregnancy. Then it can be a sign of unexplained infertility. If you have been trying to conceive for more than 12 months without any positive results then a visit to infertility specialists in Siliguri is an ideal option.

-Chronic Medical Conditions

People with chronic medical conditions are at a higher risk of infertility. Diabetes, Genetic Disorders, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Kidney diseases are some of the common form of chronic medical conditions. The Chemotherapy and Radiations therapy used in cancer treatment also has an adverse affect on the fertility of both men and women.

-Experienced Two or More Miscarriages

Miscarriages are the common condition that affect around 10-20% of the pregnancies. A miscarriage is a sudden loss of pregnancy in the first 18-20 weeks of gestation. It is not recognized as infertility, but recurrent miscarriages more than 3 times can be a sign of future infertility.

In case of having miscarriages for more than 2-3 times consulting with IVF specialists is a dial option.

-Irregular Periods

Irregular periods and abnormal pattern of ovulation is a major challenge among women when they are trying to get pregnant, making the journey of conception an uphill battle. No period, bleeding between periods, ovulation disorders, are some of the major signs of fertility issue.

In case of any symptoms seeking help from the expert IVF specialists is advisable.

Deciding whether to opt for IVF is a major challenge among couples due to its success rate, high cost of treatment. But it is better to examine the causes behind your failed conception journey.  You can take your first step towards IVF by scheduling an appointment with Infertility specialist in Siliguri.

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