How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost?

Cost of IVF treatment


Preparing for receiving IVF treatment involves a serious contemplation regarding its safety, success rate, and of course its cost. In India, the price rate varies from clinic to clinic, depending on your health condition, type of treatment you opt for. Additionally, you can expect a discount on the actual price rate if the medical center is providing such an offer. People, looking for an IVF center in North Bengal, confirm your appointment with Dr. Prasenjit Roy, is one of the prominent IVF specialists.

Cost of IVF treatment

IVF cost entirely revolves around your infertility condition. Some people undergo more than one cycle of treatment to have a successful pregnancy. Whereas, others touch its benefit in one go.

This blog will help you know the affordable cost of IVF in Siliguri.

The average cost of IVF in India for one cycle ranges from Rs. 150000 to Rs. 250000. Since this is not a stable rate, you may see a favorable reduction in the price.

Here, Siliguri is offering one of the most cost-effective IVF treatments for couples or individuals who’ve set their minds to go for it.

Before delving into the price let’s talk through its benefits:

  • Helpful for diagnosing fertility issues
  • Prevents miscarriage
  • Fruitful for patients with PCOS and endometriosis
  • Effective for male infertility and women with low ovarian reserve
  • Successful for women dealing with blocked fallopian tubes.
  • Increases the chance of having twin babies.

In Siliguri, with the advancement of technology, treatment resources, the expert medical teams,' IVF treatment has progressed a lot.

One may have to pay the minimum cost of about Rs. 90000 including her/his prescribed medication.

The factors that influence the cost of IVF in Siliguri:

  • First comes the consultation charge that runs in between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500. It’s the primary expense.
  • Depending upon how many cycles of IVF you need, the age you’re at contributes the rate.
  • The laboratory cost, the treatment of ICSI or IUI right before IVF impact the entire rate.
  • Surrogacy, sperm donor, egg donor these certain aspects directly put an effect on the whole expenditure.
  • Certain treatments like Testicular Sperm Aspiration (male infertility) require at least about Rs. 18000 which also influences the sum.
  • Some couples want to freeze the fetus for the future which no doubt enhances the IVF treatment cost.

For a more clear picture, you can contact one of the leading IVF experts, Dr. Prasenjit Roy has been helping people battle infertility issues for an extensive period.

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