How Age is Relevant to IVF

How Age is Relevant to IVF


IVF is the most sought after artificial treatment to achieve pregnancy for an infertile woman. This is by far the most successful method devised by the medical sciences in order to conceive a healthy baby. But everything has a limitation and IVF is no exception. There are also barriers to the successful implementation of IVF and unfortunately, age is one of the major reasons that can hamper the result of this procedure. IVF doctor in Siliguri still recommends this process to many infertile couples and any problems obtained in the treatment can be dealt with a proper solution even there are disputes with age.

    This article mainly establishes certain facts regarding how age can be a pivotal point in IVF success along with a short description of the best IVF doctor in Siliguri.

Table of Content: 

1. What is IVF? Who can consider for IVF procedure?

2. How age becomes a vital point for the success of IVF?

3. Dr. Prasenjit Kr. Roy

4. Conclusion

What is IVF? Who can consider for IVF procedure?

IVF or IN-Vitro- Fertilization is an artificial way of conceiving a baby. This process mainly involves placing an embryo in the lining of the uterus and that gradually develops into a baby. This embryo is prepared by external fertilization of collected egg and sperm either from the partners or from a donor.

    The patients who are unable to conceive through the normal process or are totally infertile opt for this method of artificial reproduction.

 How age becomes a vital point for the success of IVF?

According to studies by researchers in India and in the world, they have come to the conclusion that age really plays a crucial role in deciding the outcome of the IVF procedure. The studies have shown that women with younger have much more potential to deliver a positive result in the IVF procedure when compared to older women. According to researchers, a woman with the age bracket of the 20s and early 30s have shown significant success rates but they also observed a steep decline in the success rates as soon as the age touches 35 and beyond. Things look a lot bleak when the age is on the upper scale and the situation only goes downhill from here. The maximum age limit for a successful IVF transplant has been observed as 42-45.

      The best solution for any older woman who still desires to go for an IVF procedure is to take the help of a younger woman who can provide her with healthy and quality eggs.

Dr. Prasenjit Kr. Roy

He is the best IVF doctor in Siliguri who has years of practice and experience in dealing with complicated cases in this field with ease and conviction. His expertise has changed the lives of many infertile couples who strongly recommend his method and treatment procedures.


The age might just be a known hindrance but you should always consult with a specialist before going down to any conclusion.

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