A Complete Overview of the IVF Treatment

A Complete Overview of the IVF Treatment


We all know that a new life is formed when a sperm fertilises an egg. However one out of every 6 couples faces producing a child third of such cases occur due to the origin of infertility in the women. If your age is more than 35 and has not been able to conceive for more than 6 months or have undergone two miscarriages you search on Google about fertility centres near me and consult the best doctor for your condition.

A very common reason that causes infertility in women is problems caused due to ovulation. The age of women, their weight, smoking cigarette, hormonal imbalance or their exposure to the chemicals also impact the fertility in a woman. Some other causes that can make women infertile are- poor nutrition, cysts in the ovary, endometriosis and damage caused in the fallopian tube. Some of the most common causes for the female infertility are-

  • Ovulation problem- It plays a major role during the reproduction period of women. If a woman has irregular ovulation or the ovulation is absent in them they will not be able to conceive a child.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome- It is a very common problem in women caused due to hormonal imbalances affecting them during the reproductive period. A study has shown that one woman in every seven women faces PCOS causing them to face many irregularities during their period thus disrupting their reproductive capability.
  • Problems in the uterus- some problems such as fibroids which are non-malignant tumours present inside the womb and polyps which are small growths in the uterus lining can cause infertility in a woman.


A proper diagnosis is very necessary for the causes of infertility in women to be properly identified. Infertility in women can be diagnosed simply by conducting some tests. A physician evaluates the cause of infertility by using the following methods-

Blood test- With the help of a blood test, the physiology of a normal ovulation will be determined. An ovulation dysfunction is generally caused due to age or hormonal deficiency in women.

Measuring the level of the hormones- A very common cause which causes infertility in women is due to PCOS also known as polycystic ovary syndrome. It is mainly caused by the imbalance of the female hormones and thus prevents ovulation.

Performing a biopsy- With this test a further evaluation will be conducted about the problems with the hormones or ovulation in a female.

Ultrasound scan- this test is conducted generally to check if there are any fibroids present in the uterus owing to the cause of infertility.


Depending upon the cause of infertility in women the treatment option also varies accordingly. Some common modes of treatment to cure infertility are-

Surgery- Obstructions caused in the organs related to female reproduction can cause infertility. Problems that are addressed with the help of surgery in women are-

  • Fibroids
  • Uterus abnormalities
  • Cysts in the ovary
  • Polyps

Ovulation induction- Irregular menstruation in a female also means that the ovulation will be irregular thus causing difficulty in fertility of a woman. Ovulation is often induced with the help of several medications in the form of tablets or injections.

In- Vitro fertilisation- In this process eggs are retrieved from an ovary and then it is handled in the laboratory. If you are facing difficulty in producing a child you can opt for IVF treatment by searching for the best IVF centre in Siliguri. With this process, hormones are stimulated so that the ovary can produce a lot of eggs. After the eggs become ready, an ultrasound-guided process is used to retrieve them. In the IVF procedure, the eggs which are being retrieved are mixed along with the sperm of a male donor or partner.


If you want to become a mother and bring a little child into this world you must always try to follow a healthy lifestyle and try to manage your weight properly. If you face difficulties regarding your ovulation circle you can search fertility centre near me and get a consultation immediately. Try to avoid consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes and lead a stress-free life to get the taste of motherhood.

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