What Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Could Mean For You?

What Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Could Mean For You?


Recurrent pregnancy loss is one of the most damaging and painful issues related to reproduction that has come to light during the present times. To get to the root of the issue, one must know what causes recurrent pregnancy loss in the first place and what could be the possible implications, both immediate and long-term.

The definition of recurrent pregnancy loss varies from its classical definition, as defined by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. The classical definition states recurrent pregnancy loss as three or more consecutive miscarriages whereas the ASRM defines recurrent pregnancy loss as two or more consecutive miscarriages.

Implications Of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss On Mental Health

Recurrent pregnancy loss can prove to be devastating for both partners who have been trying consistently to bring new life on earth. Not only does it cause multiple breakdowns in their inner world on an immediate basis, but it can also leave long-term implications on the mental health of both partners as well.

It is, therefore, very important to get proper counseling when you as one of the partners of a couple experience consequent miscarriages and deal with it with the guidance of a medical expert.

Causes Of Consecutive And Multiple Pregnancy Losses

Why does an expecting mother lose her fetus from time to time in consecutive events? The causes of multiple miscarriages one after the other usually are one of the following:

  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Chromosomal abnormalities

A few other factors that significantly contribute to recurrent pregnancy loss include immune system disorders, hormonal abnormalities, or issues with blood clotting in the mother’s body. However, in the most common cases, genetic or chromosomal abnormalities are the root causes of recurrent pregnancy loss in a woman.

Other than the aforementioned reasons, it is a probability of events that bring about recurrent pregnancy loss. However, losing the fetus consecutively multiple times can no doubt, have a devastating impact on the mental health of the couple, especially of the mother. Hence the couple needs to delve deep into the root cause of recurrent pregnancy loss.

Possible Treatment Methods Used For Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Let us now have a look at the conventionally accepted methods of treatment that have been usually used by medical practitioners when a couple suffers from recurrent pregnancy loss. The treatment procedures can help a couple experience the joy of childbirth.

  1. Surgery: Surgery can correct certain issues that the mother might be experiencing with the uterus and correct the issues. Corrective surgery can promote a healthy childbirth procedure.
  2. Blood-thinning medicines: These medicines are applicable when the mother experiences too much blood clotting which results in her losing the child consecutively. The doctor prescribes blood thinning medicines so that the mother can experience happy motherhood by delivering a healthy child.
  3. Making better lifestyle choices: Avoiding smoking and certain drugs such as heroin or cocaine also promotes better pregnancy for the mother. Here it depends on certain lifestyle choices that the mother makes for the well-being of her child.
  4. Genetic screening and consecutive treatment methods: If genetic abnormalities are detected in either of the couples they are advised to under to take up in vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy, and other successful methods of childbirth which are alternative yet very much popularised in the present time going to their success rate.

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