Unable To Conceive – Get The Best IVF Treatment In Siliguri

Unable To Conceive – Get The Best IVF Treatment In Siliguri


The human body suffers from various diseases and complications throughout the life span. Even after taking necessary precautions, there will always be some or the other issue that pops up to cause difficulties in our lives. Even after our best efforts, we face some major complexities in our system that needs medical attention. One such issue is the inability to conceive.

Complications related to pregnancy is an issue from which many couples suffer. Lack of pregnancy can happen from various factors and you need to take consultations from experienced professionals to obtain the best results. The growth of IVF in North Bengal has emerged massively in the last few years and couples who are willing to fulfil their dream of parenthood should not delay more to consult from the best doctors.

With the humungous growth of medical science in recent times, the process of IVF does not look as complicated as before. With evolved ways of treatment and trained doctors – many couples are experiencing the magical feeling of parenthood.

The process can be somewhat strenuous and long. But with determination and well-constructed medication under experts, sooner or later the couple will get a fruitful outcome. The issues for which a couple may face difficulties to get pregnant can be for both the partners.

There are several instances in which a couple may face trouble regarding pregnancy. Both female and male issues can be behind it. Thus both the partners need to stay under check-up and regular consultation with an IVF specialist to sort out the situation. Let us see some of the most common reasons for which couple undergo IVF treatment –


One of the most major reasons that don’t allow the woman to get pregnant is endometriosis. It is a process that blocks the path for your eggs to get released and sometimes prevents the fertilized egg to slide down to the uterus. Additionally, it stops the sperm from going through the fallopian tube. Thus, if you are suffering from it, it is most likely you will face difficulties getting pregnant.

Poor Egg Quality

It can be another element for which the couple face difficulties getting pregnant. A poor quality egg affects the embryo quality. It is one of the most common issues for infertility that take place in women over the age of 35.

Low Sperm Count

For men, having a lower sperm count than usual affects massively. The embryo does not get made due to it. You need to undergo treatment as soon as possible to keep your overall health at the right place. The treatment of IVF in Siliguri is beginning to move rapidly and if you are suffering from it, do not waste any more time before consulting with the best specialist.

These issues play a pivotal role, not only for pregnancy but also in maintaining a sane mental state. To keep everything in balance, you need affectionate treatment and understanding between the partners. The doctors will do their job but as a couple, you need to take care of each other be patient about the future.

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