Mental Health and Fertility

Mental Health and Fertility


Infertility is a common health condition among men and women affecting the lives of 10-15% of couples in India. Infertility is when a couple is unable to conceive even after trying to get pregnant for more than a year. There are numerous factors to infertility due to which consulting specialists from IVF in Siliguri is recommended for effective treatments.

Infertility not only leads to pregnancy issues but also has an immense effect on the mental health and well-being of the couples. The incidence of stress, depression, and anxiety are common among couples with fertility issues. This can lead to various types of physiological changes in an individual.

The following blog with help you to understand how mental health and fertility are correlated with each other and can bring a drastic change in the life of every couple.

Impact of Mental Health on Fertility

Bad mental health such as depression, stress and anxiety not only affect the lifestyle and well-being of an individual but also hurts the reproductive health. People taking medications for poor mental health conditions seem to have problems regarding the functionality of the reproductive organs.

Psychological stress can negatively affect the quality of sperm along with its rate of production. In women, bad mental health may lead to problems related to menstrual periods and affect the ability to become pregnant. Mental health is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to fertility and is important to reduce as much stress as possible during pregnancy.

Impact of Infertility Treatments on Mental Health

Although, there are various infertility treatments available that guide you to the healthy journey of successful parenthood. It comes with multiple drawbacks such as medication side effects and bad mental health. This may lead to changes in the behaviour and psychological patterns of an individual. Seeking expert advice from infertility specialists in Siliguri can help to acquire the best fertility treatments with minimal side effects on your mental health. 

The medications used to treat infertility include a high amount of clomiphene, an estrogen drug that boosts the ovulation process. This can cause sleepless nights, anxiety, stress, and mood swings. Other side effects of these drugs are depression, inability to think, fear and many more. These conditions can ultimately affect the outcome of the pregnancy.

Being unable to conceive due to bad fertility can be a distressing moment in the life of every couple. However, evaluating the health conditions with experts of IVF in Siliguri can help you understand the root cause and take necessary measures.

It is important to understand the relationship between mental health and fertility health. Following a healthy lifestyle and minimizing stress can be beneficial for both your mental well-being and fertility health.

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