How to Make IVF Successful the First Time?

How to Make IVF Successful the First Time?


If you’ve planned for receiving an IVF treatment to conceive, there must be certain thoughts going on your mind. Like its success rate, what you can do that maximizes your chance to get pregnant on the first attempt. The best way to learn about your queries is to consult an expert. Visit Dr. Prasenjit Roy, is an Endocrinology and Infertility specialist, one of the leading IVF doctors in Siliguri.

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  • What is IVF?
  • How to make it successful on the first attempt?

What is IVF?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) refers to a medical practice that helps you prevent pregnancy complications, assists embryo growth, and leads you to a successful pregnancy. It is considered the most successful treatment in the reproductive field.

Before receiving IVF treatment, make sure to keep a balance between your mental and physical health, talk to your doctor, listen to what are the tips he is advising you.

How to make it successful on the first attempt?

By keeping certain tips in your mind, you can make it happen.

  • Bring a healthy change in your diet, your plate should be loaded with nutrient-rich foods. A healthy life starts with a healthy diet. The right amount of minerals, vitamins, protein will boost your immunity and assist a healthy pregnancy.
  • Poor habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, or any kind of substance misuse must be avoided, or else these could interrupt the success of IVF treatment.
  • Obesity is another hindrance to IVF treatment. Maintaining a healthy weight makes your way much easy towards a successful pregnancy.
  • Routine exercise, yoga can help you battle stress by balancing your hormones.
  • As per the doctor’s guidance take nutrient supplements for enhancing the chance of successful implantation of the embryo in your womb.

Your doctor may suggest specific medications to aid the development of eggs production for your IVF treatment.

Keep track of your sleeping position, sleep either on the left side or in a straight position. Try to avoid heavy workouts and driving.

Follow routine blood tests, ultrasounds, these are crucial tips for you to taken care of.


Talk to your gyne doctor. Consult Dr. Prasenjit Roy for your further treatments, is one of the renowned IVF doctors in Siliguri.

Believe in the process and see it happen.

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