How to Improve The Quality of Egg for IVF Naturally?

How to Improve The Quality of Egg for IVF Naturally?


Whether you are planning to start a family or have faced multiple failed conceptions in the past. One thing that you might need to consider is fertility health. In India around 11% of the female in the reproductive age group suffer from fertility issues. Infertility is a common health condition and can occur due to numerous factors, one of which is the quality of the egg.

Poor quality and quantity of eggs are one of the major factors that the majority of the women population leading to failed conceptions and pregnancy complications. Fortunately, you can also consult with the best infertility doctor in Siliguri to get expert guidance regarding ways to improve your egg health.

The Importance of Egg Quality

The quality of the eggs plays a major role when it is fertilized with sperm during IVF treatment. A healthy egg leads to the development of a healthy embryo which results in a successful pregnancy. A woman with healthy quality and quantity of eggs indicates good fertility health and increases the chances of having a baby as compared to others with poor egg quality and quantity. Age and hormonal levels are used to measure the quality of eggs.

Ways to improve egg quality naturally

Even though there are various medications and treatments available that can help to overcome fertility challenges, there are proven natural methods which can be used to improve the quality of the eggs naturally. These steps can also help you to conceive easily when using IVF treatments.

Following are some of the ways to improve egg quality

Follow Healthy Diet

When it comes it maintaining good fertility health one of the biggest factors that needs to be considered is following a healthy diet. Eating foods enriched in vitamins, folic acids and balanced nutrition not only helps to maintain a healthy weight and reduce fat but is also known for promoting the overall health of the egg. Fresh vegetables, citrus fruits and nuts are some of the common foods to boost egg quality. Apart from this, cutting down on unhealthy food items such as processed foods, fried items and sugary foods can also help to improve the quality of the eggs.

Manage Stress Level

Stress is known to increase the amount of stress hormones which include cortisol and prolactin. These hormones can have an adverse effect on the production and functioning of the egg which can affect the outcome of the IVF cycles. Managing your stress not only helps to improve the quality of eggs but can also lead to successful outcomes in IVF treatments. There are various methods that can be practised to manage the stress levels in the body some of which are yoga, light physical activity, meditation, and breathing exercises.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Unhealthy weight can highly affect the overall egg quality no matter whether you are overweight or underweight. Unhealthy weight leads to changes in the hormonal balance of the body which can ultimately affect the overall quality and quantity of the eggs. Maintaining a healthy weight also helps during IVF cycles with better chances of conceiving in the first cycle. You can also consult with infertility specialists in Siliguri to understand the ideal weight to acquire successful IVF treatment.

Avoid Smoking

If you have been planning to undergo IVF treatments then smoking cigarettes is one of the habits that you need to quit. Smoking is known to reduce the quantity of matured eggs in the body that could have been fertilized in healthy embryos. Cigarettes consist of harmful chemicals that can affect the DNA of the eggs and the production rate of the eggs. Staying away from cigarettes can have a positive impact on the eggs that can be witnessed within 3-4 months of quitting smoking.

Stay Hydrated

Proper blood flow in the ovaries is known to have a positive impact on the health of the eggs. Staying hydrated is one of the major ways to improve blood flow in your body. It is advisable to drink a total of 4 litres daily to remain hydrated and have adequate blood flow in the ovaries which results in better quality and quality of the eggs. You can also consult with the best infertility doctor in Siliguri regarding tips to improve blood flow in the body and ways to improve the quality of the eggs naturally allowing undergoing successful IVF treatments.

While there is no single way that can help you with better egg quality, the above are some of the most proven methods. Following these methods can create a positive impact on the quality of the eggs allowing you to conceive successfully with IVF.

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