Get Cure With High-Risk Pregnancy

Get Cure With High-Risk Pregnancy


Whether a new mother has a high risk of pregnancy, the woman with her baby will face health-related issues before, after, or during the delivery period. Every woman required notable care during the gestation period.

To recognize your high-risk pregnancy condition you must consult an expert obstetrician in Siliguri who can save you and your baby’s health. A high-risk pregnancy sometimes depends on the health condition of a woman before gestation.

On the other hand during gestation some complication arises, that has an impact on you and your baby’s health.

Factors of high-risk pregnancy

Several factors play a role as a catalyst for high-risk pregnancy:

While the woman’s age is crossing 35 years it is a high risk for her to conceive. Any kind of narcotics drugs, alcohol consumption, and smoking may cause high risk.

During the pregnancy period, any kind of complications viz. high blood pressure, thyroid, obesity, heart disease, asthma, epilepsy can cause a high risk of pregnancy.

Rhesus sensitization issues may occur during pregnancy. As a result, if you have RH positive blood group your baby possesses RH negative factors.

The woman who is carrying multiple embryos may have faced a high-risk pregnancy.

Obstetric history matters for high risk. If you already have a premature delivery or several premature deliveries, it is anxious for you. At the same time, it triggers another premature session for the current delivery.


  • Blood or some other liquid comes out from the vagina
  • Excessive headache
  • Agony in the lower intestine
  • Unexpected inflammation in hands, face, and fingers.
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Fatigues
  • Faded vision


Your doctor advised you some tests based on your health condition:

  • Particularize ultrasound
  • Invasive Genetic Screening


While you have planned to conceive, consult your doctor regarding this. He suggests you some prenatal care, folic acid, and vitamin tablets. By these, you will gain a healthy weight appropriate for pregnancy. The doctors are also discussing your genetic condition of you.

Stay aside from the habit of taking narcotics, alcohol, and smoking for a healthy pregnancy. Consult your gynecologist for your present routine.

Prepare a habit of visiting an obstetrician in Siliguri regularly. He monitors you and your baby’s condition daily. If required he should suggest you some important medicines.

Follow your healthcare person’s advice and take care of yourself. You will surely enjoy the pleasure of motherhood without any threat.

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