Get Cure With Endometriosis

Get Cure With Endometriosis


When indistinguishable tissues are lined together at the inner wall of the uterus endometrium then enlarges outside the uterus. Then the painful disease occurs. Endometriosis is generally affected your uterus fallopian tube and the tissues inside the pelvis.

If you have faced abnormal bleeding during menstruation or excessive pain, don’t hesitate and contact immediately to a fertility center in Siliguri. As it may also be the reason for infertility.


  • Painful sexual relationship.
  • Before the time of the periodical cycle, a heavy cramp is felt at the lower section of your abdomen. It will unbearable during the menstrual cycle. You may face back pain also at that time
  • You may feel urination during the menstruation cycle
  • Endometriosis is also the reason behind infertility
  • In the menstruation period, you may be suffered from nausea, constipation, and weariness.
  • You may suffer from excessive bleeding during the day.


No certain causes are dependent on this issue, however, some viable causes are:

Reverse periodical cycle

Endometrial cells flow blood via the fallopian tube in the pelvic cave. Endometrial cells attached to the pelvic barrier, and outside of the pelvic organ kit can grow hefty. For this reason, bleeding is stated heavily.

Embryonic cell alteration

Estrogen hormone transforms embryonic cells. Embryonic cells are embedded during puberty.

Surgical implantation

Endometrial cells are joined with the surgical slit because of the C-section.

Lack of immunity

If your body's immunity is lacking for any reason it cannot prevent the construction of endometrial tissue outside the uterus wall.


To detect your problem your gynecologist enquired from you about the nature and timing of the pain and other symptoms that you may have. There is also added some physical tests:

By examining the pelvis area of your body the doctor wants to find out if any cysts or scars mark exist in the uterus.

A high deficiency ultrasound imaging can detect the reproductive system of your body. It can also find out the existence of cysts related to endometriosis.

Using MRI and radio waves the fertility doctor can easily locate the endometrial tissues lined outside your uterus. This high-resolution image can help you in surgery.

Laparoscopy is also an effective way for this reason


Endometriosis is the reason behind infertility. Whether you are having a problem in gestation, your fertility doctor can suggest visiting a fertility center in Siliguri for treatment.

Doctors are generally using all other treatment procedures for this purpose to opt out of surgery. However, initially, it depends on your symptoms and your doctor’s decision is important for this purpose.

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