Get 5 Vaginal Health Tips From Your Best Gynaecologist

Get 5 Vaginal Health Tips From Your Best Gynaecologist


Women’s reproductive health is a complicated issue that often relates to gynecological health that includes breasts, vagina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. By maintaining healthy personal hygiene women can improve their reproductive health better.

Taking a healthy diet, daily workouts for at least 45 minutes, and health check-ups once a month to the best gynaecologist in Siliguri gradually helps to improve a woman’s reproductive health much better more naturally. These issues can be bigger if treatment is not done properly.

Whether a gynaecologist or obstetrician, the doctor’s duty is to help you if you’re a woman, seek medical help to improve your health whether you have any gynecological issues or not. Let’s follow the top five vaginal health tips that bring awareness to maintain your reproductive health.

1) Avoid cleaning your vagina

Your vagina is an organ, which is able to balance healthy bacteria and pH levels on its own. There are lots of misconceptions about cleaning one's external genital. Don't buy any products to wash your vagina.

Mild soap and water are really you can use, but don't douche at all. This is because it actually eliminates some of those healthy bacteria, which can lead to infection and irritation. To get more help, talk to a gynaecologist.

2) Notice on your discharge

Vaginal discharge is common in women which is absolutely normal, and can change throughout your menstrual cycle. When an egg matures to prepare for ovulation, your body typically releases more cervical mucus, or discharge that looks either, white, yellow, or cloudy, and feels sticky.

In case, if the discharge becomes green, gray, yellow, or white, it could be bacterial vaginosis and you might need medical assistance for that you can consult with your gynaecologist.

3) Pay attention to your vaginal smell

Vaginal odor is naturally common and it is based on different factors like discharge, vagina’s bacterial flora and hygiene practices, etc. If you’re taking good care of your vagina, you may also experience unfamiliar smells.

It's a fact that each woman’s odor is different. Sometimes you might experience an unusual vaginal odor which might be strong odors, itching and irritation, and due to unusual discharge. To get recovered, simply contact your gynaecologist.

4) Use breathable underwear

To make your lower private part healthy and happy use breathable clothing and fabrics that help to avoid any itching and irritation. Maintain proper hygiene

For example, you can wear cotton underwear which is great as it allows more air to pass and also helps to limit the amount of wetness and also promote bacterial growth.

Make sure you must change your underwear daily. Just remember, other than cotton might increase your risk of developing a yeast infection. For better assistance, get in touch with your obstetrician in Siliguri.

5) Consult your doctor

Gynaecological problems consist of between 15 to 45 years of age especially during your menstruation period, vaginal discharge, and bleeding is most common.

However, if you notice any mild symptoms, then consult immediately with your doctor instead of ignoring them. In a few cases, some vaginal symptoms indicate cervical cancers and lead to infertility.

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