Common Causes of Abnormal Sperm Morphology and Treatments

Common Causes of Abnormal Sperm Morphology and Treatments


Sperm is the most essential part of the male reproductive system. It plays the essential function of fertilizing the egg for initiating the pregnancy. However, the success rate of the pregnancy depends on the quantity and quality of the sperm. 

Certain medical conditions, lifestyle habits, age, and genetics among others are some of the factors that can cause sperm abnormalities in mid-piece, head, and tail defects. If you are facing difficulties to conceive, then you can avail the facilities of IVF in North Bengal. 

Types of Abnormalities in Sperm Morphology 

  • Head Defects- The genetic material is contained by the head of the sperm. Some of the common head abnormalities include multiple, large, small, tapered, or thin heads. 
  • Tail Defects- The defects in the tail can create difficulty for the sperm to swim to the egg. Stump, duplicate, coiled, and multiple tails are some of the tail defects. Sometimes the sperm can also be tailless or with irregular tail thickness. 
  • Mid-piece Defects- Energy production and maintaining sperm motility are the main functions of the mid-piece of the sperm. The bent, thin, or irregular shape of the neck and asymmetrical placement of the head are some of the mid-piece defects.

Common Causes 

  1. Varicoceles- This is a health condition that causes abnormal enlargement and swelling of the scrotum leading to abnormal sperm morphology, motility, and low count.  
  2. Treatments- Certain treatments for medical conditions such as radiation or chemotherapy can also cause defects in the sperm structure. You can contact the best IVF doctor in Siliguri if you’re having fertility issues and your partner has a history of the mentioned treatments. 
  3. Infections- When certain urogenital tract, testicular or semen infections are left untreated then it can also contribute to sperm defects. 
  4. Lifestyle factors-  If you are suffering from obesity or have a history of smoking, alcohol, and drug use then the risk of developing abnormal sperm morphology also increases. 
  5. Hormonal imbalances- The alterations in the hormones produced by the testicles, hypothalamus, and pituitary not only causes low sperm count but also impair sperm production and creates abnormalities in the shape. 
  6. Genetics- Some of the genetic disorders or traits such as Kleinfelter syndrome and cystic fibrosis can influence abnormal sperm morphology.  


The couple will not need any medical assistance if the abnormalities are mild. In case of fertility concerns and severe abnormalities, the specialist can recommend a couple take the support of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). 

IVF, Intracytoplasmic morphologically-selected sperm injection (IMSI), and Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) are some of the advanced treatment options that will assist in inserting a viable sperm into the egg for facilitating the fertilization process. 

In extreme cases of abnormal morphology, taking medical assistance becomes essential while conceiving. You can visit a center for IVF in North Bengal for seeking specialized guidance. The doctor will recommend you a semen analysis test for determining the morphological defects so that an effective treatment can be prescribed. 

Despite the medical assistance, you can also adopt a healthy lifestyle by managing stress, a balanced diet, and exercising for improving the morphological issues. Excessive exposure to environmental toxins and heat in the testicles must also be avoided for maintaining the proper shape and volume of sperm.

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