The Emotion Changes And Challenges Women Use To Face During Pregnancy

The Emotion Changes And Challenges Women Use To Face During Pregnancy


Pregnancy takes you through a flow of continuing emotional swifts due to some unusual number of hormonal changes that occur early on. Sometimes they make you feel forgetful, worn-out, or moody. For some women, the problems that develop during their pregnancy can be quite challenging and these may lead to serious depression or anxiety. But these changes are not meant to happen to each woman. If you are conceiving must need a routine check-up from your gyne doctor. You can have access to some efficient Gyne doctors in Siliguri. Get your best care done by Dr. Prasenjit Roy MBBS, MS in Obstetrics and Gynecology is an infertility specialist and a reproductive endocrinologist, available in Siliguri, West Bengal.

Higher levels of estrogen and progesterone during the first trimester are considered responsible for sadness, anxiety, or mood swings. You can experience great care from the best Gyne doctors in Siliguri, one of them is Dr. Manish Madhav, holding over 15 years of experience.

It is normal to go through several changes and challenges in Pregnancy

Table of Content: 

  • Changes in First Trimester
  • Changes in Second Trimester
  • Changes in Third Trimester

First Trimester

During your first trimester, you may feel your daily life to be clouded by fatigue, mood swings, or morning sickness. You may gain some weight or maybe more. Growing uterus causes pressure on your bladder that leads you to urinate frequently. Your breathing rate can be faster, breasts become larger, tender, and swollen. Sometimes you can have back pains, constipation or often food cravings, also indigestion. Frequent urination along with tiredness, dizziness, leg cramps are the normal systems that can be found in early pregnancy.

Second Trimester

You find your fatigue, moodiness, and morning sickness have improved a lot or go away. But you may feel more anxious and forgetful than before. You may gain about 6 kg or a few more also experience changes in your nails, they might get stronger or fragile. Hair becomes thicker than before. Craving for sweets or fatty foods can be experienced by women during this stage. It may also be possible not to get the smell of certain foods. Also, seeing yourself pregnant and feeling the baby move inside you brings a stream of emotions.

Third Trimester

Chances are your forgetfulness may continue during the third trimester. You feel more tired and uncomfortable as well or may get annoyed by this uneasiness. Back pain and feeling irritable over small things are considered normal in this stage. You will feel your growing uterus creating pressure on your bladder, makes you urinate more than normal. Sleeping discomfort sometimes makes you feel irritated. These are the common changes almost every mother experiences during her pregnancy.

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