Can A Diabetic Mother Have Normal Delivery?

Can A Diabetic Mother Have Normal Delivery?


Diabetes is one of the major health diseases among pregnant women that raises questions as to whether they can have normal delivery or not. In the case of diabetes consulting with a Gynecologist & Obstetrician Doctors in Siliguri is advisable. Although there have been cases when diabetic females have given birth to a child normally, there are various risks associated with it.

In most cases, females with type 1 or type 2 diabetes are advised to give birth before the delivery date to avoid any chances of stillbirth. It is possible to give a normal delivery of the child but in the majority of the cases patient is advised for caesarean section. When it comes to the delivery of a baby in diabetic patients there are various factors that are needed to be considered. In this blog, we will discuss whether a diabetic patient can give birth with normal delivery.

Types of Diabetes During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a patient suffering from diabetes can have serious complications in health along with causing difficulty in giving birth normally. During this time the blood sugar levels of your body increase which can lead to serious complications during delivery. However, with proper diet and changes in lifestyle, you can manage the symptoms of diabetes. In most cases, a pregnant may suffer from two types of diabetes which are:

Gestational Diabetes

This is the most common form of pregnancy that occurs during your pregnancy and most of the time goes away after the birth of the baby.

Pregestational Diabetes

This is more of regular diabetes that has been with you before diabetes in which your body is unable to use the sugar molecules in your body.

Complications in Babies

Diabetes is common in pregnancy and mostly occurs due to changes in the hormonal levels and the way the body operates. Even though vaginal birth is possible there are various complications that may affect your health as well as the health of your baby in long-term. You may consult with some of the best gynaecologists in Siliguri to evaluate the risk associated with normal delivery. Following are some of the major complications associated with normal birth in diabetes that can occur to your baby.

Excess Birth Weight

Often diabetic patients have higher sugar levels in the blood which can result in excess growth of your baby. In most cases, they tend to get wedged in the birth canal and need to undergo a cesarean section birth.

Premature Delivery

Most of the patients suffering from diabetes have a higher chance of premature birth therefore your doctor might advise you to give the birth before the due date to reduce the risk of preterm birth.

Breathing Difficulties

In some cases, babies born from a diabetic mother may have a higher risk of suffering from respiratory diseases in the future. This might result in breathing problems in the future which needs to be addressed with medical treatments.


Stillbirth is one of the most common complications that may occur when trying to give birth during diabetes. A gestational diabetic woman trying to give birth to a child may result in the death of the baby either before or after the birth. Therefore your doctor might advise you to give birth before the due date.

Suffering from Diabetes in Future

In some cases, a baby born from a diabetic mother may have a high chance of developing type-2 diabetes in the future along with gaining excess weight leading to an unhealthy life.

Prevention From Complications

Even though there is a greater risk of developing gestational diabetes there are a few prevention tips following which might help to prevent the risk of complications. You may also consult with some of the best gynecologists in Siliguri who may help you with tips to prevent birth complications.

Eat Healthy Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet is crucial during pregnancy and if you have been suffering from diabetes you may need to prefer eating foods that are high in fibre and low in fats. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains can be one of the best food options during pregnancy.

Reduce Sugary Foods

It is advised to reduce as many sugary foods as you can during pregnancy. In diabetes your body does not use the sugar molecules of your body, therefore consuming more amount or sugary foods can lead to an increase in the sugar levels of your body which can affect your pregnancy health.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent gestational diabetes. However, you need to ensure to perform exercises that do not cause strain in your abdominal region.

Lose Weight Before Pregnancy

There is a high chance of suffering from gestational diabetes if you try to get pregnant at a later age. Therefore it is better to reduce your body weight before trying to get pregnant.

Consulting with Gynecologists & Obstetrician Doctors in Siliguri is necessary if you are planning to get pregnant so that you can have a healthy pregnancy.

Diabetes is one of the most common health diseases that may occur during pregnancy. Although it is possible for normal delivery during diabetes, there are high chance that your baby might have various complications in the future. Therefore it is necessary to get regular consultation with the experts.

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