7 Early Signs of Male Infertility

7 Early Signs of Male Infertility


The inability to get pregnant not only is caused by the various female infertility issues but can also be caused due to male infertility. Several factors such as injuries, blockages, abnormal sperm count and function, lifestyle factors, and injuries can lead to the development of male infertility. 

If you’re facing issues with conceiving a baby and your partner has a history of any of these factors, then you can reach out to any of the well-known fertility centre in Purnia. There are several effective medications and treatments that can help you overcome the stress period of infertility and let you enjoy parenthood. 

Here are some of the common premature signs of male infertility that you shouldn’t ignore. 

1. Swelling Or Pain In the Testicles

You should never ignore the symptoms of severe pain in the testicles and scrotal swelling. This can be a sign of various serious disorders such as testicular tumor, injury, and infection. If these disorders are left untreated then it can cause infertility. In most cases, swollen testicles may look shiny, larger, and reddish. 

2. Ejaculation Issues 

Ejaculation issues can be considered as the main reason behind male infertility. Some of the common issues include premature, retrograde, or delayed ejaculation. Diabetes, history of surgery, multiple sclerosis, age, spinal cord surgeries, stress, and thyroid problems are the causes that can lead to the development of ejaculation disorders. 

3. Changes In Sexual Function And Desire

Loss of libido and changes in sexual function can be caused due to hormonal imbalances which can be a contributing factor to infertility. Arousal, desire, pain, and orgasm disorders are common health conditions that can be caused due to low production of testosterone and estrogens. Ignoring these factors will not only lead to lower sexual activity but can also cause permanent damage to sperm morphology and reproductive organs. 

4. Erection Problems 

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is one of the most common causes of infertility. Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction that need to be controlled to reduce the risks of infertility are obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol. 

5. Firmness Or Small Size Of Testicles

If you’re experiencing any firmness or decrease in the size of your testicles then you must contact a doctor. These issues can seriously hamper sperm production which also decreases the chances of fertility. It can also indicate hormonal imbalance with low production of testosterone causing lower sex drive. 

6. Abnormal Growth Of Breasts

Gynecomastia is a condition in men that can also be associated with infertility. One suffering from this condition may experience enlargement or overdevelopment of breast tissues. The hormonal changes with inadequate gonadotropin and testosterone levels have been found as the leading factor behind low sperm count, which is also known as hormone-induced infertility. 

7. Decreased Body or Facial Hair 

Low testosterone is the main reason behind decreased facial and body hair in men. This symptom can also interfere with fertility because testosterone levels can directly impact the production of sperm and sexual function. However, lifestyle changes and medications can help in restoring the normal hormone levels. 

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms then without any delay you must visit a fertility centre in Purnia. You can also maintain a healthy body weight, manage stress, eat a healthy diet, and prevent yourself from sexually transmitted diseases to reduce the risks of infertility.

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