7 Causes of High Estrogen in Women

7 Causes of High Estrogen in Women


Estrogen also known as the female sex hormone is one of the most crucial hormones that control the function of reproductive systems, metabolism, menstrual cycle, emotion and many more. However, excess levels of estrogen in the body might lead to various health issues such as weight gain, breast issues and infertility.

Few medications can directly decrease the estrogen level in the body. Some of the best gyne doctors in Siliguri can help to find the root cause of high estrogen levels followed by necessary treatment and medication for better health. This blog will be highlighting some of the major causes that can lead to higher levels of estrogen hormones in the body.

Following are some of the factors that can result in estrogen dominance in the body.


Obesity and high body fat percentage are highly associated with increasing the production rate of estrogens in middle-aged and older women. The fat tissues store the estrogen in the bloodstream which causes an increase in its levels leading to multiple health issues.


Medications are also one of the major factors of estrogen dominance in females. Some of the antibiotics and herbal medications come with various side effects that affect the levels of hormones in the body including increasing the amount of estrogen in females.


People with higher amounts of mental and physical stress tend to have higher amounts of stress hormone, cortisol. These cause a decline in the progesterone levels in the body resulting in estrogen dominance in one’s body. 

You can consult with the best gynecologists in Siliguri to understand how a higher level of stress can result in a negative impact on the reproductive health of the female. 


Consumption of foods rich in saturated fats or vegetables without cleaning the insecticides and pesticides can interfere with the hormonal balance of the body resulting in the increase of estrogen levels in the body. Easting processed meats of raised animals injected with growth hormone are also known for abrupting the estrogen levels in the body.


Alcohol is known for affecting the production rate of both estrogen and progesterone levels in the body. Higher consumption of alcohol can lead to an increase in estrogen levels while slowing down the production rate of progesterone in the body resulting in multiple health issues.


Contaminated water can include higher amounts of harmful and unwanted chemicals that can come with multiple health issues. These can increase the rate of production of estrogen in the body. 

Exposure to metals

A polluted environment can include various harmful and toxic substances some of which can be harmful metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury and many more. These harmful metals also play a crucial role in the rise of estrogen levels in the body along with other major health complications.

Although, estrogen dominance is associated with multiple health issues acquiring treatment and managing the root cause of estrogen can be beneficial for the reproductive health of women.

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