5 Tips To Improve Your Reproductive Health

5 Tips To Improve Your Reproductive Health


Trying to conceive a baby is not a problem but sometimes it becomes challenging yet difficult for couples. Some get fruitful results easily whereas some are struggling over a while. If you are trying to engage in family planning, your first focus must be to improve your reproductive health.

Although many of them demand that a particular food and food supplement can only boost your fertility and fulfill your dream. However, it is not completely true, the advice of gyne doctors in Siliguri is much useful for you. Here are 5 important tips to improve your reproductive health:

Maintain balance weight

Nowadays some women are conscious about their body weight. However, it is important to learn the perfect weight to get pregnant. It is stressful to be blessed with a baby the persons who are overweight or underweight. Your body weight can control the hormonal balance system and thus it can manage the ovulation system. If you maintain proper weight your ovulation will be proper and you may get pregnant easily.

Avoid sexually transmitted disease

To keep your body healthy as well as boost your fertility it is important to prevent sexually transmitted diseases completely. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are the two complications that are responsible for both male and female infertility. Follow a few steps in your regular life to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Try to use protection during sex and limit the number of sex partners in your life.  

Get active

Regular exercise is good for your overall health. While you are trying to conceive, avoid excessive exercise. More than 5 hours of exercise in a week can be considered exercise and it can affect your ovulation system and progesterone hormone also. Everyone wants physically active always, hence you need to discuss with your gyne doctor about the duration and types of physical activity.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is harmful to your overall health. Generally, people are involved in it to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression. To keep balance in your mental health, attach yourself to your hobby. Pursuing hobbies, meditation, and also mild physical activity can be friendlier than smoking.

On the other hand, smoking harms women’s reproductive health. During pregnancy period quit smoking completely. For men, it can damage the quality of sperm, decrease mobility and affect your DNA too. It is also the reason for getting aged of your ovaries.

Healthy diet plan

While you are focused on your family planning, preparing a diet plan is necessary. Include fresh fruits, whole grains, and vegetables in your diet and exclude trans fat from there. You should take carbohydrates as it induces your weight.

Try avoiding caffeine and sweeten drinks too. Healthy breakfasts are necessary for you and most importantly stay hydrated always. It not only boosts your fertility but also maintains your health balance.

Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can maintain your reproductive health and become pregnant easily. Don’t forget to take multivitamins with the guidance of gyne doctors in Siliguri.

If you want to achieve and enjoy your parenthood successfully, you should get connected with your doctor and try to follow up on your doctor’s guidance to improve your reproductive health.

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