5 Tips That Prevent Gynecological Problems

5 Tips That Prevent Gynecological Problems


n general, a woman's body is complex, sensitive, special, and sturdy. So every woman needs special care for their health. Thus, as a woman, you need routine health checkups when you face any reproductive issues. Remember, your body and reproductive organs are special gifts by nature that should not be neglected at any cost.

As a woman loving your body and maintaining self-care is the best way to prevent all gynecological issues. To get safe and maintain your gyne health, you can consult your best gynecologist in Siliguri for advice. Think your health is one of the most valuable assets, that can bring a new life.

Below are the five crucial tips that can help you prevent gynecological problems:

Healthy Diet

Your reproductive health depends on your body weight and overall diet plan. Obesity is an enemy of the menstrual cycle. Hence prepare a diet plan with healthy foods except for fatty food items.

Unhealthy food induces indigestion which creatic pelvic pressure and pelvic pressure leads to cramping during menstruation. On the other hand as yogurt to your diet as it creates useful bacteria which will maintain vaginal health.

Physical Activity

Physical exercise as well as yoga is helpful for our reproductive system. If you can be active yourself everyday morning your excessive body weight will be reduced. With the assistance of physical exercise heavy bleeding can reduce and you will be free from cramping during your menstruation.

Breast Exam

Your gyne doctor can check the other area such as the cervix of your body, although you can examine your body on your own. If you feel any abnormal lump shown in your breasts or underarms, contact your gynecologist immediately. Remember, a breast exam is a self-exam that you should do once a month to avoid breast cancer. Your positive step can save your life from a deadly disease.

Self Hygiene

The most important point is to save your body from gynecological issues to maintain hygiene properly. Don’t use rough body soap in the vagina and vulva as the vagina has a self-protection system. In addition, you can also wear loose underwear so that the area doesn’t get wet. As a result, no unnatural bacteria can be developed here. 

Safe Sex

Take care of your reproductive organ by practicing safe sex. Almost twenty sexually transmitted diseases have existed, so before having a sexual relationship discuss them with your partner. You can also take advice from your best gynecologist in Siliguri on how to continue a healthy sexual relationship.

A routine health checkup is necessary for all women. During that period, your gynecologist will examine your entire reproductive organs such as the pelvic area, vagina, vulva, cervix, and breast. Your doctor may advise you pap smear test to identify cancer or infections.

A female body requires respect with proper care. Yearly checks, home remedies, and proper treatment are necessary to keep you away from all gynecological problems.

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