5 Common Reasons for IVF Failure

5 Common Reasons for IVF Failure


IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization is one of the most prominent solutions for infertility couples who are trying to conceive. However, most people do not experience success in their first IVF cycle. Various reasons and factors can result in failed IVF treatment.

The success rate of IVF in India is around 40% which can vary based on the factors. This blog will give you an insight into some of the major causes leading to the failure of IVF. A proper consultation with an IVF specialist in Siliguri can help to address the reasons followed by necessary steps to mitigate it.

-Embryo Quality

The first step of the IVF process includes mixing female eggs and male sperm to create a healthy embryo. These embryos are then transferred into a woman’s uterus with the aim of a healthy pregnancy. Bad choice of embryo from the embryologist or implantation of chromosomally abnormal embryos can lead to failure in the IVF process.

-Lifestyle Choice

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key when planning to conceive naturally or through IVF treatments. Following a bad lifestyle such as bad eating habits, smoking, consumption of alcohol, unhealthy weight and lack of exercise are all shown to hurt fertility.

Maintaining a healthy nutrition diet along with regular exercise can highly increase the success rate of conceiving.

-Chromosomal and Genetic Disorders

Chromosomal abnormalities and Genetic Disorders are among the most common cause of IVF failures. Kleinfelter Syndrome and Turner Syndrome are some of the most common forms of disorders among women and men leading to failed IVF treatment. In case of any kind of genetic and chromosomal abnormalities schedule an appointment with the best IVF specialists in Siliguri for effective treatment.

-Quality of Sperm

The quality of sperm is crucial when it comes to the success rate of pregnancy with IVF or through natural means. The sperm quality can be analyzed through semen analysis that evaluates the sperm count, sperm morphology and motility of sperm. In case of bad quality sperm, couples can adopt for ICSI treatment or opt for IVF sperm donors.

-IVF Labs

The state-of-the-art laboratories are the major segment of an IVF treatment that stores all the sex tissues, embryos and semen needed for the treatment. It has adequate control over the environment including oxygen, carbon, dioxide PH levels and many more. Malfunctioning of these labs and minimal changes in the environment of the labs can lead to the death of embryos resulting in IVF failure.

In many cases, it may take 2 or more cycles to achieve successful IVF outcomes. This can still come with an expense of mental and emotional stress. The chances of successful treatment can grow with each IVF cycle by conducting multiple tests to identify the root cause of failures. 

Some of the best IVF specialists in Siliguri with the help of effective assessment ensure positive IVF results for every couple dealing with pregnancy complications.

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