10 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an IVF Doctor

10 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an IVF Doctor


Infertility is one of the major terms today that affects worldwide couples. Fortunately, IVF is the best possible that any couple can acquire regarding their infertility issues. In case of any issues regarding your fertility health, you can consult with some of the best IVF doctors in Siliguri.

Although there are various benefits of IVF it is necessary to choose the best IVF doctor for your treatment. This blog will mention about 10 major factors that need to be considered while choosing an IVF doctor for your infertility treatment.

Here are the 10 important factors that you must consider while choosing an IVF doctor

Success rates

The success rate is one of the foremost factors that a couple needs to consider while choosing an IVF doctor for their infertility treatment. You need to see what the number of treatments they have performed and what the average success rates are. A doctor with higher success rates will ensure accurate and reliable treatment for your infertility issues.


 Experience and qualifications also play a major role in choosing an IVF doctor. You must see whether the doctor is well qualified for the IVF treatments and if he/she is highly trained in treating infertility. It is therefore necessary to meet with the doctor before choosing one.

Working approach

When it comes to choosing the right IVF doctor it's important to evaluate the way or the working approach your doctor uses during treatment. It is necessary that the doctor offers a quality treatment while also providing compassionate care and emotional support to the patients.


You also need to evaluate the facilities and the infrastructure of the clinic who are the head embryologists and what is his/her expertise. You also need to check whether they use modern technologies for the treatment such as lasers and current incubators and what are the level of hygiene maintained by the doctor.


IVF fertility treatment is known for its high cost which is one of the major challenges among infertile couples. Therefore you should consider choosing an IVF doctor that offers affordable IVF treatment while ensuring their success rates and level of expertise. There are many infertility specialists in Siliguri that offer affordable and quality infertility treatment.


The level of communication is one of the major factors when choosing the perfect IVF doctor. A doctor with better communication not only helps you to understand more about the treatment process but also helps in understanding your issues and your lifestyle factors, using which they can design a personalized treatment plan ensuring higher success rates.


IVF is a long process and needs multiple visits to the doctor during your journey. Therefore it is important to find a doctor who can be accessed easily on a regular basis and meet flexible appointments.


It is necessary to acquire as much information about your doctor as possible. A doctor with a good reputation in the industry ensures that your time, health and money are used in a proper place. You can refer to the online reviews and the talk with the past patients of the doctor.

Post-treatment care

The success rate of IVF also highly depends on the quality of care provided by the doctor after the IVF treatment. You must consult with the best IVF doctor in Siliguri regarding the post-treatment care and the support they provide to their patients.

Insurance accepted

Most of the insurance plans cover the full cost of the fertility treatment along with the miscellaneous expenses that might help you avoid the potential financial burden of the treatment. You should consult with your doctor regarding what are the insurance plans they accept that will allow you to make your financial plan accordingly.

There are numerous IVF doctors in the industry and each of them is known for their unique working approaches and treatment procedures. However, the final choice fully depends upon your knowledge and trust. However, considering these factors can help you to make a better decision and acquire better IVF treatment.

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